Detective Lane Mystery Series
Sea of Cortez - The tenth Detective Lane Mystery __ Released in 2018 - Sea of Cortez

In the tenth Detective Lane Mystery, after a series of assassinations rocks Calgary’s underworld, Detective Lane is conscripted along with his husband Arthur into working undercover to seek out links in the Mexico - Canada drug connection and stop the violence.

As tensions mount back in Canada and outright war on the streets seems imminent, the laconic detective and his allies must use some unorthodox tactics to avert disaster in the Gulf of California and dismantle the cartel.
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Ordinarily Detective Lane has a knack for discovering the whereabouts of missing persons. But the city’s latest victim has disappeared without a trace. After brutally attacking his young nephew, ex-mayor Bob Swatsky has gone missing along with 13 million dollars of tax-payers’ money. Is he on the lam with the cash, or is it something far more sinister? A zany cast of characters, a love doll, and a chain smoking grandma with an oxygen tank, lead Detective Lane on an exhilarating romp through the streets of Calgary. A man hunt is on, and alone, Lane must uncover the truth before someone ends up visiting Queen’s Park. . . . permanently. The first book in the Detective Lane mystery series is an intriguing look at the prejudices gay cops face on the police force, and at the dangers of keeping secrets.

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When the young daughter of popular radio talk show host Bobbie Reddie disappears along with Bobbie’s ex-husband, Detectives Lane and Harper are on the case. Haunted by flashbacks from a previous missing child case, Lane once again takes to the streets of Calgary looking for answers.

Meanwhile, university student Jay Krocker befriends the mysterious Lucky Elephant Restaurant owner Lam Tran, known to many as Uncle Tran. As Jay and Uncle Tran become mixed up in the missing child case, their intentions baffle the detectives—are they there to help or hinder?

As the pressure mounts for Lane and Harper to swiftly close the case, Lane’s private life becomes threatened. The two detectives are running out of time and must untangle the many lies surrounding this bizarre investigation before another child disappears.

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Released in Autumn 2008 - A Hummingbird Dance

A Hummingbird Dance begins with a disappearance connected to an unsolved murder.  When Detectives Lane and Harper investigate the death of a sixteen-year-old First Nations man, they begin to unravel a series of killings. They must also deal with complex family issues while risking their lives to uncover the truth behind the killings.

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Released in May 2010 - Smoked

Detective Lane returns for a fourth time in Smoked, Garry Ryan’s darkest mystery to date.

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Released in September 2011 - Malabarista

Malabarista is the fifth in the award-winning series and Detective Lane’s most revealing tale.

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Released in October 2013 - Foxed

The sixth book in Garry Ryan’s award-winning and Calgary Herald best-selling series of Detective Lane mysteries pits Lane against his most dangerous antagonist yet.

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Released in 2015 - Glycerine

With the traumatic events of Foxed behind him, Detective Lane has been promoted to the head of the Calgary Major Crimes Unit, a position that brings new responsibilities, as well as a new partner in the form of headstrong rookie Nigel Li.

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Indiana Pulcinella
Released in April 2016 - Indiana Pulcinella

Detective Land and his impetuous partner Nigel Li find themselves back on the hunt, this time looking for the perpetrators of a gruesome killing with a crime scene matching that of a man put away by Calgary Police years earlier.

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Released in October 2017 - Matanzas

In the 9th book in the Detective Lane series, Lane heads to Cuba for a family wedding but soon finds himself working with the local police investigating murder of a Canadian tourist.

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Blackbirds Historical Fiction Series
Blackbirds - the first in a new series.  Click for more information.

Released in September 2012 - Blackbirds

Blackbirds is the first in an exciting new series of historical fiction from Garry Ryan.

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Two Blackbirds - click for more information.
Released in May 2014 - Two Blackbirds

Two Blackbirds is the second book in Garry's Blackbirds trilogy.

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